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About Koko Sleep

Welcome to Koko Sleep 🐨 a podcast of original bedtime stories and meditations for children, designed to make bedtime a dream. So if you are a tired parent, innovative teacher, wise babysitter or curious kiddo then you’re in the right place. Hosted by Abbe Opher 🎙 possibly the world’s biggest fan of bedtime stories, and released every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, Koko Sleep has been designed to help children relax and float off to sleep faster than ever! So you can win back a little ‘me’ time. 

‎‎‎Throughout the series 📖 the magical sleep meditations & short stories will be delivered in a relaxed, audiobook style, with calming Sleep music. Your little ones will learn all about Koko the Koala, his family, friends and his adventures but they’ll also hear other relaxing stories too - about children with magic powers, bouncy puppies and very wise wildlife. Subscribe today so you don’t miss the next episode, Sweet dreams ✨💤

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PREMIUM - Koko & The Bridge Of Wishes 🐨✨
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